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Flood Mitigation Works
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With a steadily rising global population, associated demographic shifts, and the environmental impacts of resource consumption increasing exponentially, existing infrastructure is being pushed to its very limits. There is now a greater demand than ever before for new and replacement infrastructure to meet the growing demands of industrialised and developing nations.

The geographical diversity, project complexity, and public nature of civil work results in an exceptionally challenging industry that demands a high level of technical construction expertise. Whether building on land or over water, in busy cities or in remote areas, Erwan Holdings possess the ingenuity and experience required to undertake any civil structure imaginable.

Piping Works and Pipe Jacking

We provide an ‘one stop solution’ for trenchless construction, from design assessments to full turnkey packages that can incorporate shaft construction, and large sections of pipeline through to commissioning.

we are able to offer the most appropriate machine for every scheme, based upon criteria such as diameter and length of tunnel, ground conditions and position of the ground water table.

The benefits of Pipe Jacking:

Minimal surface disruption
No risk of settlement in 90% of crossings
Reduced requirement for utilities diversions in urban areas
Smooth internal finish giving good flow characteristics
No requirement for secondary lining
Considerably less joints than a segmental tunnel
Provision of invert channels in larger pipes to contain the dry weather flow of a sewer in a combined system.
Virtually maintenance free construction
Significant reduction in social costs when compared to open cut trenching in urban areas
Reduced environmental disturbance
Inherent strength in the pipe lining

Flood Mitigation Works

The impact of flood water can be reduced by mitigation or managing the movement of water, and the damage caused by flooding can be minimised by the implementation of flood mitigation measures.

Erwan Holdings combine engineering experience with innovative design in our development of comprehensive flood protection solutions.

We adopts a systematic approach to flood management providing pragmatic and cost effective solutions, whilst limiting the environmental impact by assessing the risk, determining the impact, and identifying the most appropriate mitigation or protection solution.

Together with our strategic partners which having extensive experiences in flood management, we can provide advice and expertise at all project stages from initial assessment to final construction.