Decommissioning Services

We provides project management, planning, option assessments, carbon foot-printing, and cost estimation support on decommissioning projects for onshore and offshore facilities. We have experience of complete structural assessment of offshore platforms throughout the decommissioning process and a successful track record of assisting in the modification of platforms during the final period of production as well as the structural checking of the cutting, lifting and transportation phases as well as loading evaluation at onshore facilities.

Marine and Offshore Vessel Chartering and Supplies

We operate and a comprehensive fleet of vessels available for charter, and can provide support for all kinds of marine operations. Our vessel charter service cover a range of vessel specifications including tugs, workboats, pontoon barges, crane barges, AHVs and multicats suitable for use in coastal and offshore waters. Depending on the project requirements, along with the vessel we can supply crew with specific experience to suit the work involved.