ERWAN offers a wide range of services including shipbuilding, maintenance & repair work. Our business is focused on shipbuilding and ship repair which represent our main core revenue streams. Our two core businesses are synergistic as we construct the vessels. In supporting our core business areas, we also undertake modification and maintenance works.

ERWAN shipbuilding and ship repair operations cover both Malaysian and International waters ranging from South East Asia region, East Asia region and Far East region to the Gulf region in the Middle East. Our products include Express Passenger Ferryboat (Aluminium / Steel), Tug Boat, AHT, AHTS, Multipurpose Diving Support Vessel, Pilot Boat, Crew boat, Cargo Vessel, Landing craft and Barges. Besides, we provide technical consultation and engineering works to clients. 

Our businesses grow firmly and have expanded markets to Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Nigeria and Middle East countries. All the ships are built with high quality at competitive price according to the designs and classifications of NKK, BV, GL, SCM, LRS and ABS.

ERWAN also have the capacity to design, construct and supply for Offshore Support Vessel (OSV), Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) and Fast Stealth Interceptor Boat for maritime defense and security industry.